I didn’t campaign on the rhetoric of building it.  I didn’t say I was going to build it and then turn around and not do it.  Have I heard a situation play out like this in the recent past.  Maybe?  And the most important aspect was that I didn’t build it and expect my neighbor or anyone else to pay for it.

After a long day of sawing and driving in just south of seven hundred screws the final side of the privacy fence was completed the day before yesterday.


I now have just a little clean up and some rehab on the yard and the project will be completed except for sealing which I’ll do in about three months.  I think all in all it turned out OK for an amateur fence builder that realized how hard the work of building a fence can be.  Now I realize why custom fence work is so expensive to have done by a professional.  Those guys and gals earn their money.

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by:  Steve