It appears that my next wood working project will not be using fine toothed scroll saw blades and sandpaper but instead will be an outdoor adventure in completing the privacy fence around our backyard.  Yippee.

With the back constructed by a friend hired by us and one side built by a company contracted by my neighbor I figured I would complete the encirclement of our yard myself.

We made the hour drive out to a saw mill in Taylorsville KY yesterday to secure the rough cut cedar posts and the quarter sawn cedar two by fours for the stringers to attach the pickets to.  We chose cedar for its resistance to pests and its resistance to succumbing to rot after being exposed to the elements four seasons a year for possibly decades.  In what is only a cost saving move we are going to put pine pickets on the fence for they are about a third of the cost of cedar pickets.  I feel it is much easier to replace a picket every couple of years than to go with pressure treated pine and have to replace a post in a few years or replace a warped or split stringer every couple of summers.  And maybe eventually we will replace the pickets with cedar but the budget for this project doesn’t allow that call right now.

Let me plug the saw mill we used just in case you are reading this and are local to me.  Glasscock Sawmill is in Taylorsville KY about a half hour from Louisville.  They are off the beaten path but are a family run mill with a good selection of species and a lot different dimensions in cedar.  From the posts and two by fours we bought to huge slabs with live edges they had it there at reasonable prices.

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By:  Steve