This is just a short post this morning after the 4th.  I picked up this beaver themed bird house from a peddlers mall in Leitchfield KY a few weeks ago.  Well I finally got around to setting into motion my plan for it when I purchased it.  That plan was to disassemble it and use it as a router template to make more of these curious bird dwellings.  And change a couple of features and make dog or bear houses too.

This thing was in rough shape.  It is constructed from what looks like scrap wood.  Which is fine because a lot of my stuff is made from scraps.  But condition wise it had seen better days.  As soon as it was apart a couple of pieces were glued and clamped for repairs and nails were pulled out by the dozens.  I believe this thing was hurricane proof from the sheer number of nails holding it together.

It also needs a hinged panel for cleaning it out each season after the birds finish hatching their flock in it.  I’ll design that in before I begin routing the pieces.

I’m going to rout these abodes from 3/4 inch cedar.  The beaver parts will be stained a dark walnut hue while the house panels will be left their natural color.  After that the whole house will be given a weather proof clear coat.  With the cedar and the weather resistant finish these houses should last for many years out in the elements with no problems.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless


by:  Steve