Recently I posted a short blog and photos of a table I built.  A simple design and the only thing special was the burn design in the top.  Enter my Mom and her love of the Smokey mountains and Gatlinburg.  The idea of a couple of these tables on a little bit smaller scale with the image of black bears burned into one or both of them has been set into motion.

Yesterday I started the process by collecting the building supplies needed for the construction of the tables.  But the one thing I didn’t have lying around was the image of a black bear to scroll out to make the foil tape template for the burning by the torch.  These templates are things I dream up and scroll out.  I can use them over and over again.  Some of the items you have seen on here such as the owl key hooks, the bear door harps and the horseshoe door harp were routed using templates.  The only difference being I route along the outside edge of a template on the router table and I burn on the inside of a cut out image with the torch.  So I set out to sketch the images that are going to appear on the tables and below are the two I came up with.  The bear will be on the table top and the paw will be on the bottom shelf.

They should turn out great and will look nice with the cedar slab lamps I made her last year.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless.