Recently the itch hit to build a larger piece of work.  I really like doing scroll saw pieces and small toys and trinkets but every now and then I want to build a more substantial item.

The idea for using a torch to burn a guitar into the top came from a Facebook post in which the artist was using one to create portraits.  He was talented and his work was amazing.  I’m not so talented because I just scrolled out my own guitar outline I created for door harps, covered it with foil tape and blasted it with a bottle propane torch until it was the darkness I liked.  As for the table construction it’s fairly basic with no fancy joints or inlays.  The top, aprons and bottom shelf are pine.  The legs are stair balusters turned from oak.  The finish is a water based toffee colored from Minwax with a spray lacquer over that.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work on here and I really like seeing your feed back.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless