These are some of the pictures I snapped while in the process of making a few of these toys this morning.

The sawmill toy is a simple contraption that was used all the way back to ancient times to entertain people.  Often called whirligigs or button toys, all these names refer to the same type of toy.  

People suffering through the Great Depression played with these as they were inexpensive to make and free to play with after they were made.

Recently I seen a story about how these were being used in desolate locales that lacked electricity.  The people there helping the poor would put small vials of blood in the toy and spin it.  The center piece spins so fast it acts as a centrifuge and separates the blood allowing diagnoses of malaria, HIV and other diseases.  In fact the sawmill toy when measured by RPM’s is the fastest human-powered machine on earth.

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