While on a recent trip to Texas I decided to sit out in the sunshine and seventy degree afternoon and carve a whistle. Any trip to the desert away from the Ohio Valley gloom of winter is nice even if it is an unplanned jaunt to help family.

The itch to wood work hit but the only problem was I didn’t pack my power tools in a suitcase for the 1200 mile drive.  All I had was a trusty pocket knife.  The only thing I could think to do was carve a whistle.

I searched around the backyard and alley to find a hardwood limb to carve and some smaller stock to carve into the fipple.

I found a small piece of maple and set about cutting it to length and laboriously boring out the middle with a pocket knife blade.

After the hole was done I used the saw to cut the window and lip into the barrel of the whistle then set about whittling the fipple.

After I whittled the fipple to a size that fit in the bore hole I sanded a flat side on it using the concrete patio as sandpaper. It needs a flat side to direct the air at the lip in order for it to split the air and make the whistle sound.

Since I had no supplies I used some of the whittling chips to wedge the fipple into place instead of glue. Then I used the concrete again to form a crude mouthpiece and smooth out any other rough edges.

They didn’t turn out perfect but it got me outside in the sun for a couple of hours of wood carving fun.

I’m typing this on my cell phone so I’m not including any pictures on the blog post.  If you want to see a few pictures go over to our Designs by Desira Facebook page.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless.