Have you ever had a small round piece of stock that needed a hole drilled in the center but you didn’t know where the center was?

I have a simple solution and tool that will make that process a snap.

10665343_294030157468604_2753013681383328420_nSquare the ends of a piece of 1×4 scrap and find the center line of it and mark the line.

Take a square and mark a perpendicular line across the center line from edge to edge on the scrap wood.

Pick a point on the center line about an inch below where the lines intersect and mark that point.  Now take a straight edge and draw 2 lines from the mark you just made up to the edges of the board where your perpendicular line goes off the board.

Now cut on those V-shaped lines you just made to make the base of this simple tool.  It should look like the one pictured above.

After the base is made attach a short ruler to it.  This is done by placing a square along the bottom and drawing a line up to the very bottom point of the V you cut out previously.  Attach your ruler to the base with large staples or brads with one edge along the line you drew.  Now your tool is ready to use.

10502333_294030190801934_281899304006235048_nTo use your tool simply place your round stock into the V you cut out and draw a line along the edge of the ruler.

Then rotate your stock approximately ninety degrees and draw another line.

The intersection of these two lines is the center of the work piece.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless.