Over the years I’ve made hundreds of items on my simple scroll saw in the basement.  Some of those pieces hang out in our home but a lot of them were made to sell.  Cha Ching!

Pictured below are some of the items I’ve made that have sold well.

The top seller from the above pictures are the scrolled names at the bottom.  They are very personal and make great gifts for yourself or others.  They can be any color with nearly any theme placed on the ends of the name.

The door harps are popular as well.  They hang on a door and chime whenever you open or close it.

I’ve also made a lot of cedar whistles hence the name of this blog.  While I hand cut those they are a popular item with the kids.  I’m not so sure their parents are such big fans though.

Whether you are creating things to sell or give away always enjoy the process of crafting and the joy of making someone’s day a little brighter with your creation.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless