I have mentioned before my favorite stains are water based.  This is so for many reasons.

The ease of application is one reason.  Water based stains apply uniformly and wipe away easily.  Another reason is ease of clean up.  Although I wear latex gloves occasionally you get stain where it doesn’t belong and being able to wash it away with soap and water is a plus.

But a big reason I like them is the variety of colors you can get them in.  If a customer wants a red or blue piece where the wood grain still shows through that is where these stains shine.

Unlike paint these water based stains color the wood and still showcase the beautiful grain found in light woods such as pine, oak or maple.

Typically I buy the Minwax brand of stain from our local hardware store and have made my own water based stain from local walnuts (see the blog post about stain from local walnuts).

I mentioned the variety of colors before and here is the colors available:

Almost any color you could ever want.  Amazing.

Obviously if you want a rich walnut stain on your project nothing beats a nice oil based stain but if a pop of color suits you these water based colors are awesome.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless.