20161214_191215A back scratcher can be an invaluable tool at certain times in one’s life.  Like when there is no one around to scratch an itch that’s in a spot your arms can’t bend around to get to.  That’s when a good scratcher comes in handy.  That is what inspired the crafting of this small batch of arm extenders to be made.

I seen these at St. Meinrad Archabbey on our annual trip there to get a few loaves of their homemade bread.  The monks there are wonderful bakers and one of them had crafted some back scratchers out of black walnuts.  I thought they were neat and decided to make a few for myself and as gifts for Christmas.


The journey began by collecting walnuts and getting that stuck on like glue husk off the nuts so I could dry them out in the oven.


After that herculean task was done into the oven they went for a couple of hours to dry.

After they were dried they came out and cooled.  Then I cut the pointed ends off of them so I could drill the 3/8″ hole in them to insert the dowel rod handle.  I also drilled holes into wooden balls for the ends of the scratchers opposite the walnuts.

Next I used hot glue to attach the walnuts and pine balls to the dowel rods and set them aside to allow the glue to completely set up and to make the stain for them (see the post about making the walnut stain).


I then applied a homemade walnut stain to the scratchers and allowed them to dry overnight before I began applying a lacquer finish to seal and make them more durable for everyday use.

I think overall they turned out nice.  Black walnut shells are very rough and make an excellent implement for scratching any body part and not just your back.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless.