th852q275dIs it possible to cut thin metal on a scroll saw?  Yes it is.  With a little patience and some prep work coins, metal slugs or even tokens from an arcade can be cut to make bracelet or necklace pendants.

While I have not personally cut any metal I do know about the basics and can share a little bit about it here.

As you can see you can easily cut out the design on the coin from any state you want or cut out good old George on the front of the coin if you wish.

The basics of applying a pattern and cutting a coin are slightly different from scrolling wood.  Obviously if you are cutting the design on the coin you can forgo the pattern and skip the next paragraph.

First you use super glue to attach the pattern. Make sure the pattern is centered on the coin and then after you are done cutting you can remove the pattern with acetone.

Next drill small entry holes for your blade to enter the piece and I recommend using a very small punch to dent the metal so your drill bit doesn’t walk around on the metal as you start the hole.

I am still deciding on the best method for the next step.  You can either super glue the coin to a thin piece of wood or make a jig to hold the coin while you cut it.  Personally I think I will glue mine but I have a jig for cutting small or 3D compound cuts that could be modified for this.

Carefully cut out the design being mindful of the metal shavings that you are creating.  Safety glasses are of the utmost importance on a project like this.


After cutting remove the coin from the wood or jig and clean the pattern off with a wire brush and acetone.  You could polish it with a Dremel tool with a buffing wheel if you desired to do that.

Most of all have fun creating and when I do any of these I will be sure to post pictures over on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading.  Be good.  God bless.